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General FAQ

If the tank is not leaking, we will backfill the excavation and remove the tank from the property.

If there is a leak, our staff will contact the NJDEP. At that time, the NJDEP will provide a case number for your property.

The oil tank inspection is performed the same day the oil tank is removed.

You will be contacted regarding scheduling once your permits have been received.

Permit costs are determined by the municipality.

At BRINKS TANK SERVICES, we handle the permit submittal and retrieval process.

The cost for removing a tank depends on the size, condition and location of the tank.

You can schedule an appointment online or call our office at 844-462-7465. Our office is fully staffed and available to answer all your questions.

Yes, if you are buying or selling a home with an underground oil tank that has been taken out of service, and no previous test has been done.

We use modern equipment and non-invasive methods to locate an underground tank if one exists.

Moving in or moving out Brink's Tank Services gives you piece of mind.
Don't let an underground tank ruin the equity of your business.
Brink's Tank Services guarantees that all solid waste is disposed of at an EPA approved landfill.