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Residential Underground Oil Tank Search FAQ’s



Q: What is an Underground Oil Tank?

A: A Residential fuel oil underground storage tank (UST) is used for storing heating fuel for use on site / in home.   The tank is part of a heating oil system that should be well maintained and or removed when no longer in use.


Q: How do I know if I have an Oil Tank Buried on my property?

A: Brinks Tank Services will send out one of our highly trained & certified technicians to perform an on site interior and exterior inspection of the property.


Q: How does a tank search work?

A: The technician will first look inside of the home for any signs of an in-ground tank. They then search the exterior of the property using modern, non-invasive methods including the use of a GPR {Ground Penetrating Radar}, magnetometer, and probing.   Our tools are capable of finding tanks at depths of 20 feet.


Q: I am purchasing / selling a home. Who is responsible for the tank search?

A: Typically, during the sale of a home the buyer will request and order underground tank sweep. If there is in fact a tank on the property and/or possible oil leaks into the soil, the seller is then responsible for the removal and/or remediation. However, this is not set in stone and can be negotiated between all parties involved.


Q: How much time does it take to do an oil tank sweep / search ?

A: The cost will vary between a residential oil tank sweep and a commercial oil tank sweep.


Q: How should I prepare for a tank sweep?

A: We will also need access to the basement. You will want to make sure all cars are removed from the driveway so we can sweep the entire property.


Q: How soon can I get my reports?

A: Brinks Tank Services completes and delivers tank sweep reports within 24hrs of the inspection.


Q: What happens next if a tank is found?

A: In the event an oil tank is found, a tank removal then be scheduled.




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