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It is not unusual for property owners to be completely unaware that an oil storage tank is buried on their property.

If you find one, or are unsure (some may be hidden)
give us a call at 1-844-GO-BRINK (1-844-462-7465) and we will gladly send one of our experienced technicians to inspect the property.

  • Be confident in buying or selling a home.
  • Clean and fast removal.
  • We clean hazardous and contaminated soil.


Brink’s Tank Services will perform an interior and exterior sweep of your property.  First, our highly trained and certified technician will look inside the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tank.  Second, we will use a metal detector or ground penetrating radar (GPR) to search for any buried metallic objects.  Doing both an interior and exterior search will help us determine if an underground storage tank (UST) is buried on the property. If a suspicious object is discovered, we will require further evaluation and a full description of our findings will be described in the sweep report.


Once the Underground Storage Tank has been located, a small excavator will be used to expose the tank.  The UST is then cut open and the contents are removed and transported to a certified disposal facility. The UST is then removed and inspected for signs of corrosion by both a Brink’s technician and the municipal inspector.  Upon completion, the tank and the cavity is then filled with certified clean fill.


Brink’s Tank Services will perform the necessary testing and will remove the contaminated soil from your property.   Upon successful completion of your site remediation project, a Remedial Action Report will be prepared and submitted to the NJDEP for recommendation of No Further Action (NFA) for your property. Brink’s will work hand in hand with you and the NJDEP to facilitate the completion of your project and the issuance of a No Further Action letter (NFA).

Moving in or moving out Brink's Tank Services gives you piece of mind.
Don't let an underground tank ruin the equity of your business.
Brink's Tank Services guarantees that all solid waste is disposed of at an EPA approved landfill.