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Brink’s Tank Services has a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) on staff who oversees the soil remediation project from beginning end. BTS will determine the extent of the contamination and if there has been an impact to ground water as well as soil. Once the contaminated soil is removed, field screening will be performed to determine if all contamination has been excavated. Once the soil is screened and determined to be clean, then soil samples will be collected from the excavation area and final testing will be completed, to determine if any additional soil remediation is required.

The contaminated soil is removed from your property and disposed at a licensed soil disposal facility. Once it is believed that all contaminated soils have been removed, soil samples are taken from the excavation to confirm the integrity of the soil. Soil samples are sent to an NJDEP certified lab for analysis. The excavation is backfilled with certified clean fill up to grade.

Upon completion of all site remediation projects, a full Remedial Action Report will be prepared for submission to the NJDEP. Once accepted, the NJDEP will issue a No Further Action (NFA) for your property. Brinks Tank Services is with you every step of the way.

Moving in or moving out Brink's Tank Services gives you piece of mind.
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Brink's Tank Services guarantees that all solid waste is disposed of at an EPA approved landfill.