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About Brink's Tank & Environmental Services - Your Trusted New Jersey Oil Tank Contractor

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Brink’s Tank & Environmental Services is a family owned and operated business specializing in oil tank, environmental, and construction services. We are proud to say that we have helped to drive down prices industry wide on a number of expensive services such as tank removal and soil remediation. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars each by offering the same quality service for a low cost.

Our Staff

Ronald Brink - Owner and General Manager of Brinks. Ron has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. He holds various licenses in construction, renovation, and the environmental fields. Ron has bought and sold over 300 homes and is fully versed in all construction codes and permitting. Ron has been involved in every task imaginable in the building process. He uses these years of hands-on experience to now manage the many details of his Commercial and Residential projects. Ronald is an innovative manager, adept at finding engaging ways to motivate his construction teams to exceed customer expectations and maintain high standards.

Connor Brink - Field Manager for Brink’s and has been with the company for over 10 years. Connor oversees the Inspections, Asbestos and Mold divisions of the company. Connor holds a license for UST closure as well as Asbestos and Mold inspections and remediations. Connor manages all aspects of a project from the scheduling of the crews through the final testing for completion. You can usually find Connor in the field following up on his jobs and updating his customers on the progress being made and making sure his customers’ expectations are being met.

Joseph Episcopo - Operations Manager and has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. Joe is a skilled carpenter and machine operator. He has owned and managed a large remodeling company for over 25 years. Joe works closely with his customers from the point of sale through the completion of the project. He has been managing field personal for many years and has developed a strong team of workers which deliver the highest quality in the most professional manner. Joe truly is a positive person who really enjoys what he does.

Ricardo Morgado - Heavy Equipment Manager with over 25 years operating Excavators. Ricardo started on a machine at the age of 10 years old helping his father in Portugal. There is not an excavator out there that Ricardo doesn’t like. His skills on a machine are far superior to most. Whether Ricardo is earth-moving, excavating, heavy lifting or performing a demolition, Ricardo is sure to make even the toughest jobs look easy.

Alex Osborne - is a Project Manager for Brink’s with 33 years of experience in the construction industry. Alex specializes in residential remodeling and has been a union carpenter for over 30 years in residential and commercial construction. Alex jumps right in at the beginning of a project with the permitting process and is responsible for the progress and timely completion of all projects. You often find Alex on the phone with his customers keeping them up to date and talking them through the next step of the project.

Our Environmental Department

Peter Lakatos, Subsurface Evaluator / Project Manager - Mr. Lakatos possesses a ---- Degree in General Science from Villanova University. He is a NJDEP certified Subsurface Evaluator with over twenty-five years of Project Management experience in the environmental and manufacturing industry. Mr. Lakatos has extensive experience in environmental remediation under both, state and federal regulations and has managed a variety of projects providing technical oversight and project consulting. As a Subsurface Evaluator, Mr. Lakatos has conducted Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations and Remedial Workplans, Subsurface/Geology, Groundwater/Hydrology, Vapor Intrusion and Ecological Evaluation, Project cost/budget estimating, proposal preparation, scheduling and operations, Environmental regulatory agency report preparation and compliance for NJDEP, NYDEC/MOER, PADEP , field sample collection and monitoring, Phase I & II Environmental inspection, assessments and reports to ASTM E 1527-05 standards, Project Health and Safety Plans/Officer, and operation of machinery and equipment.

Michael Stone, Vice President / LSRP/Subsurface Evaluator - In 1983, Mr. Stone obtained his degree in Geology from Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO. Mr. Stone also holds a number of certifications and licenses which include; a Professional Geologist License, NJDEP LSRP, and Certified UST Closure & Subsurface Evaluator license.

Mr. Stone has over thirty years of experience in the engineering and environmental consulting field. Mr. Stone is currently managing Brink’s Tank Services projects which include, Site Investigations (SI), UST System Closures, Remedial Investigations (RI), Remedial Actions (RA), and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I – ESA). Mr. Stone assists with sales and trains both employees and technical staff with regards to tank closure, groundwater investigations, remediation of contaminated sites and data interpretation.

Before joining Brink’s Tank and Environmental Services in 2013, Mr. Stone acted as the president of Allegiance Environmental, an environmental consulting firm, where he managed projects and was responsible for business development. Documentation and reports provided to the NJDEP on behalf of clients include: Response Action Outcome (RAO), Preliminary Assessment (PA), SI, RI, RA, Remedial Action Workplans (RAW), UST Closures, Vapor Intrusion (VI), and Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC). Mr. Stone also prepared requests for Classification Exception Areas (CEAs), Deed Notices, Transaction Screens, and Phase I - ESA.

Luis Maldonado, Environmental Scientist - In 2014, Mr. Maldonado obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science/ Studies from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Luis holds a number of professional certifications which include; NJDEP Regulatory Training in Underground Storage Tanks, Alternative Energy for Water/Wastewater Operations, OSHA approved 40-Hour Training, and Auto CAD.

Under the supervision of our LSRP, Luis has managed a variety of projects which include residential Unregulated UST closures, Remedial Action (RAR), and Remedial Investigation (RI), Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II, Groundwater Investigation/Remediations, Vapor Intrusion, among others. In this capacity, he is responsible for the technical, and scientific aspects of these projects. Activities include excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, groundwater investigations for petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, and report preparation (SI, RI, RAR) to the NJDEP.

Brink's Tank Services employs highly trained and professional field technicians and office staff. Our sales professionals are available 7 days a week, and our office is fully staffed and available to answer all your oil tank questions concerning your property between the hours of 9:00 - 5:00, Monday - Friday.


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