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Soil remediation

Brink's Tank Services employs licensed site remediation professionals who are knowledgeable in soil remediation and contamination removal in the Hillside area. Soil, groundwater, and surface water can be contaminated by various natural events, accidents, emissions from industrial plants, or even through the use of fillers contaminated with hazardous pollutants. For whatever reason, environmental pollutants, if left unchecked, can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of those who live and work nearby. In the instances of contamination caused be leaking oil tanks, it is important to remember that, per New Jersey law, the owner of the tank is responsible to have the contamination remediated. Even if you were unaware of the tank’s presence and it was installed by a previous homeowner, you are solely financially responsible to rectify the issue.

Our subsurface evaluators can determine whether any contamination is present on your property. Any contamination would necessitate that the source, such as an oil tank, as well as any contaminated soil be removed and properly disposed of. After the contaminated soil is removed, the remaining soil must be extensively tested to ensure that it is compliant. Once you are certain that the issue has been resolved, a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) must prepare a report to be issued to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to obtain a No Further Action letter (NFA). This NFA serves as proof that the contamination was properly remediated and that no further action is required at the area in question.

Brink’s Tank Services staffs experts in the field of soil remediation, including a team of licensed site remediation professionals. We handle our remediation and reporting entirely in-house, saving you time and money when seeking to obtain a No Further Action Letter.

Should you have any concerns that your property may have contaminated soil, call Brink’s Tank Services. We offer free, on-site consultation and our team of experts can walk you through the options available to rectify any issue you may have.

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