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Soil Testing: Ensure your tank is free of leaks

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While less common than in the past, some houses still use heating oil tanks to supply fuel to their heating system. While there are not any laws which prohibits the use of fuel oil tanks, even an active heating oil tank carries the risk of potentially leaking. Just because you have not noticed anything out of the ordinary, does not mean that the tank has not already started to leak.

If you own or are considering purchasing a home with an active oil tank, it is highly advised that you have the soil sampled to ensure that no contamination is present. While having an inactive tank which leaked is bad enough, having a leaking active tank is in many ways worse, as it is constantly leaking new oil into the soil. Brink’s Tank Services has tank testing experts on staff who specialize in performing soil sampling.

The soil testing process begins by determining the exact location, dimensions, and depth of the tank in question. Then, soil borings are collected around the perimeter, down to a depth even with the bottom of the tank. The samples are compiled into a single, composite sample and submitted to a certified laboratory to be tested. The test will determine if any oil is present in the soil sample. This is the fastest and easiest method to determine whether the tank in question is leaking.

Should the samples come back positive, it is safe to assume that the tank is leaking. The tank would have to be removed and a full evaluation of the soil would be required to determine the best course of action. Catching such a leak early could save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

If you have an active tank on your property or wish to test a tank on a property you are considering purchasing, call Brink’s at (844) 462-7465 today to schedule a soil test.

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