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At Brinks Tank Services, we assume that if your home is old, at one point it may have had an oil tank used for heating. We take an oil tank removal seriously in Chatham and will examine the historical use of the property to determine if an oil tank was ever found or removed. Historical research often reveals land usage that is often not brought to the attention of current owners and can provide us with a more complete understanding of property and possible past pollutants so that we can serve you better.

It is our goal to carefully remove all sources of contamination to prevent further spread. Once the source is removed, we will conduct a visual inspection of the site as well as gather a soil sample that will be sent for review according to EPA and NJDEP standards to determine the level of contamination. Depending on groundwater availability, testing is also carried out to ensure the verification of groundwater integrity.

If we receive results that detect pollution at your Chatham home, contaminated groundwater is pumped out of the ground, treated on-site, and returned to the ground according to NJDEP standards or evacuated in transporters and discharged at accredited facilities. After soil and groundwater improvements are completed, the remaining soil and water will be reassessed at a government-approved testing facility.

Once our team is able to ensure that the soil quality is within acceptable NJDEP standards with our quality soil remediation services. We can also handle oil tank removal at your Chatham property if any remaining oil tanks are located with an oil tank sweep. We care about the safety of your home and your environment, and we are ready to assist you with all of your oil tank and soil remediation needs.

Let us take care of your soil remediation and oil tank removal in Chatham so that your residence can stay pollutant-free and environmentally safe!

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