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Remove Your Old Oil Tank To Protect Yourself

Remove old oil tank

As a New Jersey homeowner, you may own property with a built-in oil tank and need to hire a professional oil tank removal service. There are many reasons for removing an oil tank from your property, and the most important one is liability. Oil tanks can cause large contaminations, which you, as the homeowner, are financially liable to remediate per state regulations. Currently, the state offers little-to-no financial assistance and many homeowner insurance policies do not cover soil contamination. The costs associated with the tank’s removal and remediation fall squarely on your shoulders, as the homeowner.

Most leaks are the result of holes being present in the underground oil tank. These holes are primarily caused by the corrosion of the steel walls of the tank by chemicals naturally present in the surrounding soil. Additionally, it is common to have some amount of water buildup inside the tank which can cause or hasten this process by rusting the tank interior. For these reasons, it is likely that every oil tank will leak at some point, it is only a matter of when.

Hazardous materials in the tank can leech through the soil around the oil tank and cause environmental problems in the soil and water. When the oil contaminates the groundwater, it can make its way to reservoirs and other local sources of drinking water. Of particular concern would be those home who utilize well water, as a single leaking oil tank can severely contaminate the well’s source and cause harm to those using it. As the homeowner, you may be liable for those externalities caused by your underground oil tank. Removing the oil tank from your home eliminates these risks.

Brink’s Tank Services is a fully licensed and insured tank removal company. At Brinks Tank Services, our goal is to remove your oil tank as quickly and easily as possible and get the job done right. For more information on how we can help you with oil tank removal, contact us today.

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